SO this is the first one.  Well.. the first one that you’re seeing, but definitely not the first one ever.

So first off, let’s address a few things before the plane leaves the runway here.

1.  I tend to type the way I talk, so not every sentence is going to be spot on the King’s Grammar here.  We’re gonna see what I literally just did with “going to”, we’re gonna see a lot of (what appear to be) run on sentences until you read them out loud and say “Oh, yeah, I talk like that too,” and we’re gonna really digress super hard sometimes.  I’m talking like I go on tangents like squirrels run on branches but I usually find my way back to the point… sometimes…

2.  I tend to view myself as somewhat of an intelligent person but I know I’m limited, as is everyone in some capacity.  So, for instance, if you see something you don’t understand or disagree with when I make an assertion or put forth a notion, go ahead and Google whatever it is you think I’m wrong about and let me know!  I don’t want to be on this thing spewing false truths so please for the love of god correct me when I’m wrong.

3.  My humor, my mood and my ability to filter things changes with my moods.  One day, I love cake.  The next, I hate it. The same goes for people, music, tv, movies, etc. I will contradict myself a lot.  Deal with it, we all do it, we just don’t write it down which is convenient for some people who like to flip flop around.

4.  This blog isn’t topic-based.  I write about whatever.  Not sorry.

5.  I will shamelessly self-promote.  Also not sorry.



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