Lost and Found

There’s something beautiful about being lost.

It doesn’t matter if you’re lost, necessarily, in the woods or in the city,

Or inside yourself.

But there’s something


About being free.  

Free from the shackles that hold us to the droll repetition of living the life we all seek.

There’s a beauty, you see, in having no choice but to simply

Live life

As it comes to you.  There are no hitches, no strings to pull,

There is only you and the world you walk in.

Some choose to walk towards a destination.

Some choose to walk away from anything and everything.

Then, there are some who choose just to walk. 

They choose just to exist in existence, to be with others  choose to simply “be”.

The peace and tranquility existence brings at its finest and purest is nothing short of


So trod on, get lost in life and lose yourself to living. 

Regret not the choices you made to becomes lost, but the ones you made not to get you there


You see, to become lost is to be truly alive. 

To become lost is to be truly happy.

It is only when we find ourselves without direction that

We have the ability

To find where it is we need to be.Image



– The Captain




Confucius say: War not determine who is right, war determine who is left.

Question of the day: Where are you now?



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