For those of you with trust funds or beds made of money that you don’t want to spend on yourself, I would love you forever and always if you bought me a Hang and a few Celtic instruments.  For those of you that don’t have money but want to know what a Hang is, please enjoy the following braingasm.



No, that’s not a virus, yes you can click it.  It’s a youtube of a guy playing the Hang, or what is more commonly known as the Hang Drum even though the Hanghaus in Bern Switzerland is where it’s made and even they don’t call it a drum.  It’s one of those hippie situations where they feel like what they’re made is better than everyone else in the world so they refuse to be “categorized” with lesser instruments int he same category even though they do the same things.   It’s a glorified steel drum.  It’s played with your hand.  They’re so uppity about themselves that they don’t even have a website.  You have to WRITE to them via snail mail to HOPE to have the opportunity to buy one.


I think perhaps all of their snooty-ness may in fact be completely warranted.  Listen to the man play the instrument and them try to tell me you don’t feel connected to something more than a computer.  That’s some ‘real-deal’ flowin from that dude.


– The Captain


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